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First, why are we running a foster program?


That is an excellent question!

The main reason why we are running a foster program is as much as we love all the puppies, we can’t keep them all. To maximize the impact on the breed, in other words breeding out negative characteristics that are present, one needs to breed to eliminate certain traits. For example, bad temperaments, bad hips, other health conditions that may not be ideal etc.

To breed you obviously must have dogs that are being used for breeding. So, we have built a program that helps to satisfy needs on both ends. You get a much higher quality, much more valuable dog, in exchange for preserving the dog for breeding in the future and we are assured our dogs are living in a loving home with tons of individual attention.


Why would I possibly want to entertain this idea?

Another great question! For most, it’s the cost that is most attractive. We eliminate the upfront costs by partnering with you. We feel there is an inconvenience going to the vet, so we reward you by not charging you for the dog. As families get to know us, that usually evolves into pride of ownership and love for the breed as well. We remain the owner of the dog until the breeding is completed, with the dog living with you. You make the day-to-day decisions. We just ask that common sense is used, don’t let the dog run out in the street and things like that.


So how does this all work?

You would be responsible for a $500 application fee. You would be responsible for transportation to your house the first time. When the dog is 2 you would need to complete the CHIC required health tests. (If the dog is over 2, the health testing is normally already completed so be sure to ask.) We cover all the DNA testing, and all the OFA submission fees. You would be responsible for all routine vet visits (yearly shots and things like that), food and any other expenses he/she might need on a day-to-day basis.

     1. If we are fostering a male, we would find a reproductive vet in your area and ship semen when needed. I generally know about 6 months ahead of time when the dog would need to be used. Generally, 1 or 2 collections is needed per breeding. In addition, if the boy is good enough, he would get collected to freeze his semen as well. Those appointments are at your leisure and not as time sensitive. The boys do not normally need to leave your home unless discussed ahead of time. we pay for the expenses to collect the boys.

     2. If we are fostering a female, we would find a reproductive vet in your area and breed her via shipping semen to you for insemination. She would need to get her hormone levels checked, normally 2-3 times, then bred once she is ready. 30 days after the breeding we would check to see if the pregnancy took. If it did take, then she would return to us about a week before she was due for us to raise her litter. we cover all breeding expenses, including transportation back-and-forth (aside from the initial transport to you).​

We normally plan on two breeding’s. Occasionally we might have an exceptional female that we might need to breed an additional time, or if by some chance the female does not produce anything of show quality, we might need to try another boy to get the results that we are looking for. Then once the breeding is completed, the ownership of the dog would revert to you.

We have Wyze cameras in the house, so you can not only watch your dog, but also interact with her, including speaking to her through the cameras, take pictures and record videos too! Then about seven or eight weeks later she would return home.

Sometimes the dogs do not develop as we hoped. Sometimes they don’t pass their health testing. In those circumstances ownership would revert to you and the dog would not be bred.

To date we have made this arrangement with dozens of families, and it has worked out wonderfully on both ends. Communication is the number one criterion that we am looking for in a foster family. If you would like to be considered, we encourage you to fill out an application which is located at the top of this page.

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we are located near Fayetteville, nc

Phone 267-737-8006

Thanks for submitting!

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